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General Conditioning group classes offered by Fish and Field Biokineticists at San Sereno in Bryanston, Sandton

Beginning an exercise regime for the first time can often be daunting and overwhelming. Where do you begin? What exercises do you do? Are you doing the exercises correctly? Group classes provide a platform to learn and grow in your knowledge of exercise and allow you to work on your fitness or rehabilitative goals in both a supportive and friendly environment. Studies have shown that exercising in a group setting is more beneficial for individuals than working out on their own.

What are the benefits to group class workouts?

Group class workouts offer a variety of benefits – motivation, structure, variety, accountability and adherence, social inclusion and of course multiple health benefits too.


By taking part in a group class workout, you challenge yourself to work beyond your perceived limitations. More often than not, you will find yourself working harder towards a goal that is common amongst the group, than if you were trying to achieve that same goal on your own. Being surrounded by dedicated and like-minded individuals is both inspiring and motivating. 

Variety & Structure

Group classes allows you the opportunity to exercise without having to plan or think up an exercise program yourself. Each class is structured and planned in a way that incorporates all the important elements of a good exercise session. Structured in a way that it would incorporate a warm up to loosen your joints, cardio to raise the heart rate, strength to build the muscles, and a cool down or stretch to prevent muscle stiffness and pain post exercise. Having an instructor or coach who plans your sessions means that each session will differ, offering variety in terms of the exercises and routines each week.

Prenatal Aquatic Therapy Classes in action at our Off Nicol practice.

Accountability & Adherence

How easy is it to change your mind about exercising when you look outside to see grey clouds and rain? When exercising in a group, one often feels more responsibility to attend their sessions in order to not let the other members down and leave them on their own. Each member in the group can be held accountable by the rest, serving as a form of encouragement and motivation to get up off the couch and go! Once you’re there, you won’t regret having gone.  

Social Inclusion

If you are new to an area and want to find a way of meeting people, what better way than by joining a group exercise class? Besides being great for your health, it provides you with a platform to meet like minded people. Let’s face it, it’s always more fun exercising in a group than on your own anyway.

Health Benefits & Form

The number of health benefits one gets from exercising is endless. From weight control, muscle toning and strengthening and increased fitness to improved mood, decreased stress, boosted energy and better sleeping patterns, who wouldn’t want to exercise?

Not only do you benefit health wise, but being new to exercise may result in you not knowing the proper form to use, increasing your risk for injury. Having a qualified instructor such as a Biokineticist can give you reassurance that you are doing the exercise correctly, and if not, they will provide you with cues and guidance on how to correct it.

Join one of our Group Classes

At Fish and Field Biokineticists we offer a variety of group classes, including prenatal classes for those new mommies expecting. For more information regarding our classes feel free to visit our schedules for San Sereno and Off Nicol respectively, or Contact Us directly.

Group Classes schedule at Off Nicol in Bryanston Sandton offered by Fish and Field Biokineticists

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