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2023 New Year with sparkle by hacking motivation for a new better you!

Hacking Motivation in 2023

Hello 2023! The last few years have been trying indeed! From lockdown to load-shedding, our resilience has been tested, our resolve strengthened and our horizons broadened, along with a few [...]
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Multiple sclerosis exercise like aqua therapy can assist with better quality of life for those with neurological conditions

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Exercise

We have previously written an article on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) giving a general overview of what MS is, how exercise can impact MS and what considerations you need to be [...]
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Pregnant woman in water doing prenatal exercise at Fish & Field Biokineticsts

Prenatal Exercise

During pregnancy, it is to be expected that the body will undergo many physiological changes. Prenatal exercise can help your body adapt to these changes. Some of these include postural [...]
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Strenght and Endurance training on machine assisted by biokineticist are important components of rehabilitation at Fish & Field Biokinetics

Components of Rehabilitation

In our previous article we mentioned that prevention is better than the cure BUT what if you are sitting with the problem already?  What are the various components of rehabilitation? [...]
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