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Multiple sclerosis exercise like aqua therapy can assist with better quality of life for those with neurological conditions

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Exercise

We have previously written an article on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) giving a general overview of what MS is, how exercise can impact MS and what considerations you need to be [...]
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heart health food for thought from a dietitian guest post for fish and field biokinetics

Heart Health Awareness: Food for Thought

Every year we reflect on cardiac health for Heart Awareness Month. An entire month dedicated to raising awareness on how to achieve and maintain a healthy heart. So in light of our “prevention [...]
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Woman holding bunch of herbs in nutrition article by dietitian Caylin Goodchild.

5 Foods to Start Eating Today!

This year we are focusing on a “Prevention is better than the Cure” approach. And as we all know, proper nutrition, hydration and physical exercise are vital for maintaining physical [...]
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