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Biokinetics Cape Town practice with heated pool for aqua therapy

We often get asked, why the name Fish and Field? Does it have anything to do with being biokineticists who specialise in both water and land-based therapy? While coincidently the name does illustrate exactly what we do, we did not choose the name, the name chose us. The Fish and Field story began as just a Fish in 2007, when biokineticist Nicole Fish opened her first practice at San Sereno Retirement Village in Sandton, Johannesburg. In 2009 Fish employed Jenna-Lee Field and over the next 5 years, they built up the practice together. In 2013 Nicole and Jenna partnered together, and in doing so, Fish and Field Biokineticists was established. Together they opened a second practice at Off Nicol Health, Wellness and Rehab Centre in Sandton and since then, the Fish and Field Biokineticists team has continued to grow.

Fast-forward eight years, and here we are, with three well-established practices. That’s right, THREE! Towards the end of 2021, an opportunity presented itself, and we chose to expand some more. This time, 1 400 km away, nestled under one of the most magnificent views of Table Mountain. In May 2022, less than 6 months later, Fish and Field officially opened their doors in Cape Town.

View of Table Mountaain from our Cape Town Biokinetics Practice
Our View!

Woodside Village

Our Cape Town practice is based at Woodside Village, situated in the heart of Rondebosch, making it easily accessible to all surrounding areas in the Southern Suburbs. The facility is wheelchair friendly and offers ample space for exercise and rehabilitation, for both land-based biokinetics, as well as aqua therapy. The newly renovated wellness centre hosts a beautiful indoor, heated swimming pool maintained at approximately 32°C throughout the year. The pool is equipped with railings to allow for safe and easy access into and out of the pool.

Biokinetics Cape Town practise with heated pool for aqua therapy at Woodside Village
Heated Pool maintained at approximately 32°C

A spacious studio and gym facility enables us to give group classes, as well as one-on-one sessions. Our gym is equipped with multiple machines including a treadmill, rowing machine, recumbent bike and a latitude lateral stability trainer. The stability trainer is a piece of equipment designed specifically to combat fall prevention. Its side-to-side, bi-directional motion allows you to activate different muscle firing patterns, depending on the direction, either inward or outward. This movement uniquely activates the stabilization muscles needed for gait, but from a seated position. CABL resistance machines are also located around the studio, allowing for dozens of resistance-style exercise combinations, with resistance settings ranging from 3kg to 16kg.

Our gym at Woodside Village is equipped with multiple machines including a treadmill, rowing machine, recumbent bike and a latitude lateral stability trainer.
Gym Equipment

Not comfortable exercising in front of other people? We have our own private room, equipped with everything you’ll need to achieve your goals through individualised one-on-one exercise prescription.  

What does a biokineticist actually do?

A biokineticist is a health care professional whose primary goal is to improve physical functioning and health care through exercise as a modality. We are dedicated to promoting health, maintaining physical ability, and designing individualised rehabilitation programs to help you achieve your goals.

What can you expect when coming to a biokineticist?

Before we can design a program that is specifically tailored to you, we need to get to know you. An initial consultation helps us to understand who it is we are working with, what we are treating and the best way in which to do that. We know that every person is unique, each with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. During a consultation we will have a look at how we can maintain your strengths, while working on your weaknesses.

This is done through a comprehensive evaluation and physical assessment which may include the following:

  • Medical History
  • Posture and Gait Analysis
  • Body Composition Measurements
  • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurements
  • Muscular Strength Tests
  • Functional Fitness and Endurance Tests
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Tests
  • Balance Assessment

Following your assessment, we will discuss our proposed treatment plan with you. This will include the nature of your sessions (land or water), how frequently we feel you should be attending sessions and the duration of these sessions.

Our Woodside Village practice offers tailored land-based biokinetic exercise programs based on your assessment, working with weights, balance, proprioception and more.
Land-based Biokinetic Exercise

Once you have reached the point where you are satisfied with your progress, but still feel as if you would like to continue with guided exercises to maintain what you have achieved, joining a group class is always a great option! If a group class is not for you, we can design a home exercise program for you to take with you and continue in your own time. 

Group Classes at Woodside

At Woodside Village, we offer a variety of group classes, both for the residents, as well as to non-residents.

Woodside residents are able to enjoy both land-based and aqua-based classes. These range from core strengthening, aerobics and seated exercise classes, to aqua-based strength, stretch and aerobics classes. The class schedules for residents can be found in the gym, or on our website.

Woodside Village, Cape Town Biokinetics Group Class for Core Strengthening
Core Strengthening Group Class

Non-residents are able to participate in general conditioning aqua-based classes twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 13:00.

We also offer prenatal aqua classes twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 17:15 for those ladies who are expecting. These classes are very popular as they allow for time off your feet at the end of the day, exercising in a weightless environment that is completely safe for both mom and baby.  

We love our new practice and everything it has to offer. We welcome you to come and have a chat with us should you have any questions about our facilities or what we can do for you.

Biokineticist and Article Author Nicole Dunn at Fish and Field Biokinetics, Sandton

Nicole Dunn

Biokineticist at Fish & Field Biokineticists

With a BScHons Biokinetics and BA Sport Science, both from Stellenbosch University, Nicole spent some time with Fish and Field Biokineticists in Sandton before returning to Cape Town to launch the Woodside Village Practice.

Nicole has a passion for elderly health, and recently furthered her knowledge with a Diploma in Geriatric Medicine. She is also trained in Advanced International Aquatic Therapy Techniques Level A, Kinesio Taping, Sports Massage Level 1 & 2
and First Aid Level 1 & 2.

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