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Back Pain exercise and stretches land based by Fish and Field Biokineticists Bryanston Johannesburg

Understanding Back Pain

Understanding Back Pain and possible treatments Most people experience some form of back pain during the course of their lives. This can be caused by either trauma (injury), or by [...]
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Woman in water aqua therapy with Fish and Field Biokineticists offer pre and post-operative rehabilitation through hydrotherapy in Bryanston, Johannesburg

The Importance of Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Pre- and Post-Operative Rehabilitation Postoperative rehabilitation is well known, recommended by surgeons and practised by most individuals after undergoing surgery.  Unfortunately, preoperative rehabilitation is often overlooked or not even suggested [...]
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therapy autism and cerebral palsy teenager

Aquatic therapy for Autism and Cerebral Palsy

Alternative therapy for Cerebral Palsy and Autistic Teenagers Throughout their lives, teenagers suffering from cerebral palsy and autism get frustrated by physical and mental limitations. Some are simply not physically [...]
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