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Interior photograph of Fish and Field's San Sereno practice heated pool in Bryanston, Johannesburg

This month, we are heading back to where it all started, the original practice at San Sereno. Whilst Fish and Field is only 10 years young, I have been working out of San Sereno for 20 years this year! Back in 2003, I needed to find a place to do my internship. With a passion for water and always knew I wanted to make water my preferred medium for rehabilitation. I found a practice that offered aqua-therapy as part of their services, applied, and then prayed that I would get the position. I was offered the internship position and although I didn’t get to start the year doing any aqua. As fate would have it, by June 2003, the therapist based at the aqua practice left and I was sent to fill her place.

San Sereno

That was the start of my journey at San Sereno. Little did I know that, 20 years later, I would still be here! There have been so many changes over the years at San Sereno. Most noticeably in the last 5 years since Auria has taken over the management. For those who don’t know, San Sereno is based in the quaint little suburb of Mill Hill, right in the heart of Bryanston. At these premises, the Biokineticists have rooms available for land-based rehabilitation, as well as access to an indoor heated swimming pool.

Before and After Renovations at San Sereno shows the improvements at Fish and Field Biokineticists
Before & After Renovations at San Sereno


The swimming pool is maintained at approximately 32°C throughout the year, with rails allowing for safe and easy access in and out of the pool. We often get asked, “Why 32°C?”. In our experience, we have found that is a good compromise between what is needed for therapeutic rehabilitation, without becoming uncomfortably warm for our more vigorous group classes. Another frequently asked question is “Why the water?”. Aqua-therapy provides a safe environment to perform exercises, allowing individuals to exercise more effectively, with less pain and less risk of falling or overloading one’s joints. The buoyancy and increased hydrostatic pressure provided by the warm water makes it an appealing treatment method for many, allowing improvement in pain, disability and quality of life.

Aqua therapy has been proven to provide beneficial results for all individuals, whether you be battling with a chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis or Ankylosing Spondylitis or an orthopaedic condition such as a hip replacement or frozen shoulder for example. It is a highly recommended treatment option for all, whether young or old.

Healthy lifestyle through exercise in heated pool at aquatic therapy group classes at San Sereno in Bryanston hosted by Nicole Fish from Fish & Field Biokineticists


Although our main focus has always been aqua-therapy, we have also had access to rooms for land-based treatment. Whilst this started out with only a small room with some basic equipment, since Auria took over the management and renovated San Sereno, we now have a beautiful office space with private office and consultation room as well as access to a large studio room and a well-equipped gym space. The gym is equipped with modern cardio equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and cross trainers for aerobic workouts. And also features a SCIFIT latitude lateral stability trainer. This piece of equipment is designed specifically to aid in fall prevention, an essential component of any exercise program as we mature in life.

Additionally, there is a range of free weights, strength training equipment and resistance bands for weight training. The facility also has various stretching and core strengthening equipment such as mats, yoga balls, and balance discs.

Hand-Eye coordination training like throwing a ball is an important component of rehabilitation offered at Fish & Field Biokineticists in Bryanston

High Tech Therapy

Over and above the gym and studio equipment, we have invested in some fantastic tools to assist with better balance and strength training, like the HUMAC system. The system includes a range of tools and sensors to evaluate muscle strength, range of motion, and other capabilities. The HUMAC balance system allows for objective assessment of balance deficits and provides visual feedback to aid in balance training exercises. It is also equipped with a range of customizable protocols designed to meet the needs of patients with varying levels of ability and balance impairments. This system is particularly beneficial for individuals with neurological conditions, such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease, as well as athletes looking to improve their balance and reduce the risk of injury.

Having access to these amazing facilities and tools, allows us to work through the full rehabilitation process, starting out in the water if necessary, doing very gentle, minimal weight-bearing work right through to end phase rehabilitation of full weight bearing and resumption of previous activity.

Strenght and Endurance training on machine assisted by biokineticist are important components of rehabilitation at Fish & Field Biokinetics

Consultations & Group Classes

We often get asked if only residents are able to make use of our services as San Sereno. Luckily, no, it is not only for the residents. The residents have their own group class schedules, but non-residents are able to book an appointment with us for one-on-one rehabilitaition as well as join in on classes we offer for non-residents. Here is the full schedule:

Biokinetics in Bryanston group class schedule for San Sereno branch of Fish and Field Biokineticists

Curious to know more about the facilities at San Sereno Village? Read more at San Sereno.

Signage at Fish and Field's San Sereno in Bryanston, Johannesburg

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about the lovely facilities and services that we have to offer at San Sereno.

Biokineticist and Article Author Nicole Fish at Fish and field Biokinetics, Sandton

Nicole Fish

Biokineticist at Fish & Field Biokineticists

Nicole holds a BA HMS (Stellenbosch), BA Hons Biokinetics (RAU) and BA Hons Sport Science (RAU). She is passionate about aquatic therapy and is trained in Advanced International Aquatic Therapy Techniques and International Orthopaedic Aquatic Techniques. Nicole also takes a special interest in those in need of geriatric movement medicine.

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