Fighting off the Winter Blues with aqua-therapy

Fight winter blues at Fish & Field biokineticists biokinetics, rehabilitation and aqua therapy premises at Off Nicol Johannesburg, commercial photography by Natalie Field

Fight Winter Blues

Fight winter blues and body aches associated with the colder temperatures with aqua-therapy in a heated pool at Fish & Field Biokineticists.

Sadly, the time of year has come, where the mornings and evenings have a definite chill, the nights are longer and the scenery becomes quite drab and dull. This can often lead to one having a definite feeling of the winter blues, not to mention increased awareness of aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Us “Joburgers” are very spoiled with warm, sunny winter days, however the chill in the air still make us want to curl up on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and eating comfort food. It makes us feel better!

Exercise your way to HAPPINESS

Some research suggests that certain foods, like chocolate, can encourage the release of serotonin, a feel good hormone. But, there is no need to reach for the chocolate and gain those extra 5 kilo’s of winter coating to get out happy hormone boost. Exercise causes an increase in endorphins, or “happy hormones”, helping to fight those winter blues and lessen the allure of the “happy” foods.

For the chronic pain sufferer, who finds winter even worse than the rest of the year, a wonderful option is to get your boost of feel good hormones by doing your exercises in a warm pool. From conception we are cocooned in the warmth and protection of amniotic fluid, which is largely made up of water. Its function is to protect and cushion the fetus from any harm. It’s no wonder then, that we often get a feeling of calm and protection when immersed in a body of warm water.

Aqua-Therapy to relieve winter pains

There are many proven physiological and psychological benefits of being in water. In particular, there is decreased load on the joint and a reduction in muscle spasm. This results in significant pain relief. Just being weightless and encompassed by the warm water automatically lifts one spirits. Other benefits include an increase in joint range of motion, as well as strengthening weak muscles and increasing their tolerance to exercise. Aqua-therapy is also great for the re-education of paralyzed muscles and an improvement in balance. The increase in blood flow due to the hydro-static pressure is ideal for the arthritis sufferer. And can also be beneficial to the injured patient as the increased blood flow helps to optimize the healing process. With all these positive responses by the body, you cannot help but feel your spirits lift and the winter blues start to gradually fade away.

Join us at Fish & Field Biokineticists

So don’t be afraid to brave the cold winter months in your swimsuit, come and join us at Off Nicol or San Sereno. And fight winter blues in our beautifully warm indoor pools to help defrost the joints and lift the spirits.

Author | Nicole Fish

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