Can we do more to get kids moving?

interactive game to get children moving assisted by No Boundaries Events and Fish & Field Biokineticists

As National Children’s Day falls on the first Saturday of every November in South Africa, we have dedicated this month’s article to paediatric health. And invited No Boundaries Events to share their thoughts on how to get kids’ moving!

Can we do more to get kids moving?

Guest Post by No Boundaries Events

We are all becoming more and more immobile and school kids are already showing motor deficits. The trends are frightening:

  • According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of adolescents are not meeting the minimum requirements for physical activity on a weekly basis.
  • According to Aspen data almost 45% of children aged 6-12 years played a team sport in 2008 but now only 37% of children do.

The question it raises is, “Are we creating an unhealthy generation because we didn’t give them products or services they wanted?

Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom. Kids love to play and are naturally active. All we need to do is trigger it with fun, engaging games where kids forget they are doing exercise, and ideally engage them both mentally and physically.

The new trend in fitness, “Exergaming”, uses high tech products to merge physical activity and digital gaming.  It’s so much fun that kids (and adults) of all ages are so engaged that they forget they are doing exercise.

Benefits of Exergaming

  • Motivation & Enjoyment – Offers a wide range of games for any skill level
  • Stimulates and trains the body and mind at the same time. This is especially valuable for kids development, while burning excess energy and having fun.
  • Social Interaction. Play alone, against someone, or in teams.
  • Boosts overall well-being. Mental and physical health, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination is engaged in every activity.
  • Fun-Factor. Enhances enjoyment of exercise by infusing workouts with play
  • Removes the boredom and intimidation from traditional sports or workouts. You can learn and improve at your own pace.
  • Instant Feedback. All sessions are instantly saved on the cloud for a world that expects instant gratification
  • Adds a Competitive element. Beat your best score, compete as a team or take on the world.

The bottom line is that Exergaming gets kids (and adults) off the couch. The fun, interactive, play-like activities improve gross motor and functional mobility skills. And the games are appropriate for users from age 4 years to senior citizens.


Some new Exergaming products to hit South African shores include:


Multiball is a frame that turns any wall into an interactive screen. And offers games, training and fun activities that engage the mind and body regardless of age, skill level or interest.

It also includes educational Games like Maths Mission, which allows you to select the difficulty level and number of players. Players choose a maths question their opponent needs to solve by throwing or hitting a ball against the wall. This helps to improve hand-eye coordination while honing ones maths skills and quick thinking.

Soccer, Tennis and Handball Games either teach a new skill, act as a training partner, or train your accuracy and improve your performance. And there ae also Computer Games for those who want to just have fun.

The device also offers Fitness Programs, by allowing the user to select from training programmes that improve their fitness levels.

MultiBall in Action
Read More about MultiBall

MultiBall Game in Action


Rox is a set of multisensory cones that use light, sound & vibrations to make fitness & rehabilitation workouts quick, interactive and fun. It offers fun, fast workouts the whole family can enjoy. And can give instant feedback to you and your therapist on your home rehab exercises.

Rox records every session instantly and brings out the competitive side in anyone. Whether you are trying to beat yourself, your friend or global leaders.

Rox Rehab
Rox Cognitive

Let’s all work together to get our kids moving and engaged in physical activity again.

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