Biokineticist VS Physiotherapist: Example of biokineticist Nicole Fish stretching patient in the final phase rehabilitation

Key Differences between a Biokineticist VS Physiotherapist

After all these years, a big question I am still often asked is: “What is the difference between a Biokineticist and a Physiotherapist?” And so in this article we will reflect on the key functional areas of service delivered by a biokineticist vs physiotherapist.

goal setting 2022 tools and tips for health and physical rehabilitation by Fish and Field Biokinetics

Goal Setting 2022 | Live your best Life!

Do you ever feel like you are sleepwalking through life? Like you have no real idea of what you want, what direction to take or how to get started? 2022 has arrived and the question is: Do you do another year without having set goals or knowing what you want to achieve? Or do you […]

Living with Parkinson's Disease guest post by Joshua Sandler from Sandler Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Fish and Field Biokinetics, Bryanston, Sandton.

Living with Parkinson’s disease: Taking control of your Parkinson’s disease management.

Neurological disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. They involve both the brain and nerves found throughout the human body as well as the spinal cord. Some appear suddenly, such as a stroke; some are present from birth, like epilepsy; and others develop gradually over time, as with Parkinson’s. We invited Neuro […]

interactive game to get children moving assisted by No Boundaries Events and Fish & Field Biokineticists

Can we do more to get kids moving?

As National Children’s Day falls on the first Saturday of every November in South Africa, we have dedicated this month’s article to paediatric health. And invited No Boundaries Events to share their thoughts on how to get kids’ moving!

foot health discussed by guest blogger pierre oosthuizen for fish and field biokineticists

Foot Health: Help your feet feel 50 when they’re 60

Did you know? The 1st of October is annually celebrated as International Day of Older Persons! It is estimated that by 2050 over 20% of the world population will be in the over 60 age group. It is important to remain as healthy and able as possible to make these golden years really shine. With […]

heart health food for thought from a dietitian guest post for fish and field biokinetics

Heart Health Awareness: Food for Thought

Every year we reflect on cardiac health for Heart Awareness Month. An entire month dedicated to raising awareness on how to achieve and maintain a healthy heart. So in light of our “prevention is better than the cure” approach to 2021, we invited dietician Cally Frost to offer advise on how to eat your way to a healthy […]

doula supporting woman in labour explained in article for Fish & field Biokinetics

What exactly is a Doula? And what does a doula do? | Prenatal Health

” I support you in your decision on how you want to birth – I am doula “ Katrina Meek August is Women’s Month in South Africa. And it has become a tradition with us to dedicate this month to articles that support women with their biggest contribution to society: bringing new life into this […]

Low back pain and spinal cord rehabilitation treatment at Fish and Field Biokinetics in Bryanston, Sandton

Low Back Pain | Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Explained

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints seen by GP’s across the world. Some studies have suggested that 80- 85% of the population will suffer with Low Back Pain at some point in their life. For the vast majority, they will recover relatively quickly and resume their normal daily activities […]

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