Exploring the Elbow: Anatomy and Common Injuries

Introduction: The elbow joint is a remarkable and intricate structure that plays a vital role in our daily lives. Despite its small size, it’s a complex mechanism that facilitates numerous movements, from simple tasks like bending the arm to more intricate activities such as throwing a ball or lifting weights (Chalmers & Chamberlain, 2016). In […]

The Shoulder Joint

During March and April, we will be looking at the shoulder joint. For those of you who have recently wondered, ‘where that click in your shoulder’ or ‘pain when reaching for something in the cupboard’ has come from, these are the months you want to stay tuned in for. What does the shoulder consist of? […]

Fish and Field Biokineticists Off Nicol practice view of aquatic therapy Sandton pool area with hoist chair and view of Sandton skyline

Off Nicol, Sandton Aquatic Therapy & Biokinetics

Off Nicol Sandton Aquatic Therapy & Biokinetics practice offers a heated pool for physical therapy to facilitate with rehabilitation and pain management.

Interior photograph of Fish and Field's San Sereno practice heated pool in Bryanston, Johannesburg

San Sereno, Johannesburg Biokinetics & AquaTherapy

This month, we are heading back to where it all started, the original practice at San Sereno. Whilst Fish and Field is only 10 years young, I have been working out of San Sereno for 20 years this year! Back in 2003, I needed to find a place to do my internship. With a passion […]

Biokinetics Cape Town practice with heated pool for aqua therapy

Woodside Village, Cape Town Biokinetics & Aqua Therapy

We often get asked, why the name Fish and Field? Does it have anything to do with being biokineticists who specialise in both water and land-based therapy? While coincidently the name does illustrate exactly what we do, we did not choose the name, the name chose us. The Fish and Field story began as just […]

Health is Wealth written in fresh cucumber font - article title for Fish and Field Biokinetics Sandton and CapeTown

Health is Wealth… What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Preventing disease and injury can be accomplished by focusing on factors that are a risk to one’s health status. Based on the work of Weber and Bourdieu, the health lifestyle theory was developed in 2005. It emphasises how one’s well-being is affected by lifestyle factors. Healthy lifestyles are defined as “collective patterns of health-related behaviour […]

2023 New Year with sparkle by hacking motivation for a new better you!

Hacking Motivation in 2023

Hello 2023! The last few years have been trying indeed! From lockdown to load-shedding, our resilience has been tested, our resolve strengthened and our horizons broadened, along with a few bumps along the way. But now it is time to look to the new year and the challenges and opportunities it may hold. It’s time […]

people with physical disability can improve quality of life with biokinetics at fish and field biokineticists

Disability and Biokinetics

Disability is defined as a physical or mental condition which limits one’s movements, senses or activities. It is estimated that there are 1.2 billion people worldwide living with a form of disability. Types of Disabilities There are four main categories of disabilities: The cause of one’s disability can vary. Some disabilities are as a result […]

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