Frank Meyburgh

I have had two knee operations and one operation on my shoulder. […]

Jiten Bhula

“The facilities are appealing, with a nice sized, heated pool. Easy access […]

Peter Buntman

In the short time I have been in the water working with Jenna to manage Parkinson’s, I have found my movement and my body getting stronger with each session.

Kevin Jordan

I really enjoy hydrotherapy, being in the water is great. It is […]

Niko Shefer

“I am a 65 years old male.  Following two cardiac bypasses, Jenna-Lee […]

Freddy Ntumba

“Hi, my name is Freddy Ntumba.  I was involved in a motorbike […]

Doreen Walker

Having contracted polio at an early childhood age, I need to maintain […]