Components of Rehabilitation

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Strenght and Endurance training on machine assisted by biokineticist are important components of rehabilitation at Fish & Field Biokinetics

In our previous article we mentioned that prevention is better than the cure BUT what if you are sitting with the problem already?  What are the various components of rehabilitation? In general, the ‘process to recovery’ would start with the person seeing their general practitioner (GP), the GP would then refer to a specialist if […]


A Healthy Lifestyle for Preventative Care

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healthy lifestyle for prevantitive care rather than taking medication spells out word health

February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, encouraging us to live our best life! In 1946 The World Health Organisation defined health as “A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease”.  So, what is a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is about taking responsibility for your decisions and making […]


Tissue changes with aging and how exercise can help

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Group class at Fish and Field Biokineticists provides exercise to help prevent tissue changes and deterioration caused by aging

For many years it was thought that there was considerable deterioration in the various body tissues because of the aging process, however more recently, research is showing that the deterioration experienced is more due to disuse as opposed to the aging process itself. Here we outline some of the tissue changes that occur and how […]


Neurological Conditions: An Overview

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neurological conditions improved through physical therapy and aqua therapy at Fish and Field Biokineticists in Bryanston

Neurological conditions occur when there is damage to the neural pathways involved in sensory, cognitive, motor and autonomic control. Depending on where the damage occurs, movement, thought processing, communication and vision can be affected. Damage to these neural pathways can be the result of trauma, infection, degeneration, structural or genetic defects.

Aqua Therapy

Chronic conditions: An Overview

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Aquatic therapy helps you focus on quality life when living with a chronic conditions causing long term discomfort. Biokinetics in Bryanston, Sandton.

Chronic conditions can be defined as diseases which effect human health, are long lasting in nature and persists for longer than three months. Physical activity though aquatic therapy can be a powerful tool in its ability to both lengthen and enhance quality of life.